April 1GAM: Turn-based Racer

My idea this month was a racing game where you don’t directly control the car, but tell it what to do, then watch it go – somewhat like Frozen Synapse. I mentioned a couple of the ideas behind it a little while ago.

It’s still very rough, but I’ve uploaded a playable (download) version here. (Alas, I haven’t figured-out how to get applets to work yet.) I’d really appreciate it if you could give it a go, and tell me what you think, either in the comments below, or on Twitter.

To play, you adjust the two sliders, the top one being steering, and the lower one is acceleration – forward and reverse. When you’re happy, click ‘Go’. The car will move for a second, then you can give it new orders.

The current track is pretty dull, and there are other things I’d like to add – AI players would be good, as would some nicer graphics. We’ll have to see how much I can get done by the end of the month!