May 1GAM: Turn by Turn Racing

So! My turn-based racing game, now known as Turn by Turn Racing, is my May entry for 1GAM. It’s unfortunately still not done, but I think it’s complete enough to submit anyway.

This game has been giving me so much trouble, and it’s frustrating because people seem to like it! (Caution: Rant incoming.)

For one thing, physics is hard, even when using an existing library. Things bug-out for confusing reasons. Physics libraries themselves are immensely complex. I have a race replay system which is disabled, because the physics is non-deterministic (it gives different results each time). I think this might be a timing issue: Ideally, all the turns should be precisely 1 second long, but thanks to floating point maths, or something, the turn length varies a tiny amount.

Apart from replays not working, it also means my various hopes for multiplayer can’t work, because it’s possible both players would see themselves as winning.

The physics is broken in other ways, too. Cars sometimes start pinging around, which as far as I can tell, would require an unpleasant rewrite of how steering works, to fix.

Basically, I’m tired, and irritable, and it’s been winding me up. I still hope to release a full, paid version on desktops and Android, but I need a break first.