August Catch-up

Well, my updates aren’t getting any more frequent apparently! I’m a bit drifty at the moment, and really need to get on and finish something. Anything.

Firstly, the block game formerly known as DropPix is still ongoing. I started adding some more mechanics, such as disappearing floor tiles, and walls that smash when collided with. It feels like I’m never getting any nearer to completion, and I guess I’ve been avoiding it because of this.

I then bumped into a friend I hadn’t seen for a while, and he gave me a brilliant idea for a smartphone app which doesn’t exist. So that became my main project. Native Android app development is quite a different beast from games, and took a while to get into. I figured-out that a section of the app could be completed independently of the rest, so I worked on that for a week and got it done. The rest of it needs a bit of thought to figure-out the structure.

Then it was the 7dRTS competition! For lack of any better ideas, I decided to start on the remake of Goblin Fortress. There were a couple of things I wanted to try: test-driven development, and working with entities and components. Trying to learn new stuff made progress really slow, and in the end I was so busy that week with other things that development petered-out. I slipped into depression, and then had a horrible cold, which I’m finally getting over now.

Ayway, development on GobFort is finally coming along. Not long ago I finally got little goblins running between home, work and the campfire. 😀 Got a couple of bugs to fix, then reimplementing the rest of the stuff from the previous prototype, then new stuff! I’ve come-up with quite a list of things to include, hopefully I won’t take too long to get them in.