Fight Magic Run: Fishing!

The weekend just gone, I entered the FightMagicRun ‘Fishing’ contest. My entry is here.

FightMagicRun is a weekly HTML5 48hr gme jam, with a $100 prize. The forced-HTML5 meant I finally tried making a game in JS, and I chose to use Crafty, though there are quite a few different javascript game engines. Crafty is a bit lacking in the documentation department, but it’s also very simple and minimal, so it didn’t take too long to get the hang of it. That said, I’d like to try some of the alternatives for future games.

This marks my second attempt at making game music, though my first attempt was pretty bad. I decided to give Terry Cavanagh’s recently-released Bosca Ceoil a go, and it’s so easy to use. I’d previously tried using Musagi, and while that has more features, I mostly just got confused by it all. Bosca on the other hand, is very limited, but in the most positive way – there’s very little there to be confusing and distracting. Pick a pre-existing instrument, draw some notes, and you’re away!

I hope to participate in the future contests – the great thing about it being weekly is, if it’s inconvenient one week, it’s not a problem. Maybe some time I’ll even win it! 😛 Plus, it’ll help me catch-up on 1GAM.