Some of you might remember the fishing game I made in September last year. I started on an Android port of it in November, but then became really busy improving Quick Quote. With the last planned update released in January, I’ve had time to come back to F!shing again, and things have been progressing well!

The first task was to restructure the code – my first attempt at an Entity-Component system was fairly inefficient, and struggled to run on my old Android 2.3 phone. I’ve replaced it with a system where each Entity has up to 3 components: controller, physics, and graphics. This has made things better organised, and with much better performance. Hurrah!

With that done, I can actually start improving the game! This week, I’ve put in a particle system and worked on the ‘game over’ screen. The art is still place-holder, but things are starting to look how I want them to. Below, I’ve recorded a quick game, though I’m playing on a keyboard so the controls are a bit rigid at the moment. Always many things to work on!

Unfortunately, I’ve stopped participating in #365screenshots, because I was finding it too stressful to try and rush some game development in the evenings. I will try to publish screenshots as often as I can, though.


I blogged too soon! Fish are now flung off the screen when you catch them – see below. 😀