F!shing Website and Trailer Launched

F!shing now has a website, at http://samatkins.co.uk/fishing, and a new trailer, embedded above. The game itself isn’t ready for release yet, but if you would like an email notification when it is released, head to the site and sign-up for the newsletter!

Turns-out that making trailers is hard. I edited it with Lightworks, which is great, but completely new to me. In all, I’ve spent about a week working just on the trailer! Just coming-up with an idea was difficult, hence the weird direction I ended-up taking it. A brilliant article on the subject is here, which helped me out a lot.

I’m about to go away for a week and a half, so though F!shing is close to done, it’ll be a week or two after that at the earliest. However, I should have something to show you before then, from the upcoming Ludum Dare game jam, all going well!