F!shing Update: Beta 1.1

Now that F!shing is released, I can just sit back and wait for people to come bringing sacks of money to my door, right? No, of course not! Work continues this week, going through my Big List of Things.

First, IndieGeek very kindly did a video, embedded below, looking at the game and giving me a load of suggestions – they’re going on the list too!

Changes in version 1.1:

  • Tilt controls work when upside-down
  • Achievements now work correctly
  • The ‘submit score’ screen looks much less ugly, and works properly now
  • Google avatars in the leaderboards screen on desktops
  • Automatic sign-in when you start the game if you were signed-in before, on desktops
  • Rearranged the main menu to be less confusing (case in point, the Play Games button that confused people is now gone)
  • Added a restart button to the pause menu
  • Smoothing things over a little, with a retry button when you finish a game, and when you return to the menu the ‘play’ options will still be open

The next update should introduce support for playing with a game-controller. I didn’t quite get time for that this week.

If you haven’t already, you can pick the game up from the F!shing website, or directly from itch.io, for only £1.99 while it’s still in beta. If you’ve bought it already, you can download the new files using the same link you got in the email when you purchased it.