F!shing Update Beta 1.2: Of Sharks and Gamepads

So, it’s been two weeks since the last F!shing update, and no news. Sorry about that! So, what have I been up to?

I started off last week with switching the build system to Gradle. It took me a couple of days of not understanding what I was doing for hours at a time, but it’s all set-up now. What this means is that I can much more easily update the libraries the game uses, so it should be more stable. It also made it much simpler to add support for…

Game controllers!

You can now play the game with (theoretically) any gamepad or joystick. The setup is currently very simple – any analogue stick or dpad will move your boat, and any button will make you dip. At some point I’d like to let you configure which buttons do what, so that a ‘back’ button can open the pause menu, for instance. But for now, I’m happy with how the movement feels. All menus can now be navigated using the game controller or the keyboard, so you don’t have to awkwardly switch back to using the mouse.

I’ve rebuilt the score screen again, so that it’s more consistent, and added a button to play a new lake using the same game mode. Wait, did I just imply that there are multiple game modes? Yes!

Shark Mode!

Hungry Shark

The one thing that F!shing has needed more than anything is more variety, so I thought-up a few different game modes. The first of these I like to call ‘Race the Shark’ – a hungry shark dashes around the lake, gobbling up fish. A screenshot doesn’t really do it justice – you have to be very quick if you want to catch any fish for yourself! It’s more frantic than the standard game, and with no litter, you can mash buttons to your heart’s content.

There will be more game modes coming. Crayfish! Clams! Disco mode! Combinations of them! Other things I haven’t thought of yet!

In addition, I’ll be adding a ‘custom mode’ option, where you can tweak things to your liking. This is mostly for accessibility – I didn’t participate in the Accessibility Jam, but it’s made me want to make the game as accessible as possible – but it’s also a nice thing for everyone. Win-win! 🙂

Haven’t bought the game yet? It’s still only £1.99 for all platforms. 😀