K!cking – My Monster Mash 2014 entry

Exciting Screenshot

This week I made a game for the Monster Mash game jam, the theme being that the games had to have non-human protagonists. For whatever reason, I decided to make a football/soccer game where the players only have one leg, and can only hop about. It’s called K!cking, because apparently I name everything with exclamat!on marks in the t!tle! It’s got local multiplayer, which I would recommend as the computer AI is basically non-existent! 😉 You can download the Java version here, or play it in a browser here.

I almost gave-up early on in the week, as I felt I was making poor progress. I persevered, and it really came together yesterday (Friday), and though it’s still glitchy in places, I’m pleased with it. I played K!cking against my brother earlier, and it was hilarious. I’m putting it to one side now, except for any minor fixes I might do tomorrow. I might come back to it in the future though, which I say for pretty much every game jam project!

Last week I was in a bit of a slump. In the end, I took the week off from F!shing to just relax. Next week, I’ll be getting back to it, smoothing some rough edges and adding more game modes. Local multiplayer is something I’d like to add to that too at some point, but it’s a more long-term goal.