F!shing Update: Beta 1.3, Clams, Near Release!

Carrying-on from last week, I’ve fully implemented clams into the game. As well as them sometimes appearing in the previously-existing game modes, there are two new modes: Firstly, a clams-only one, which plays a bit like whack-a-mole, and secondly, EVERYTHING mode, which is complete chaos! There are also various little tweaks and improvements. You can download version 1.3 from itch.io if you’ve bought it already, or it’s still available to purchase if you haven’t already.

There are still things I’d like to add – I think I’ve already mentioned crayfish and disco mode. The ‘custom mode’ also isn’t in the game yet. However, I’m happy with how the game is now, and I think it’s ready for a proper release. I just need to put together a new trailer to show-off the things I’ve added, and then it will be appearing on Desura and Google Play, and any other store that will have it. 😉

F!shing has been a fun first project, and I’ve learned a lot from it. As for what’s next, I haven’t quite decided yet. There’s a style of game I’d really like to make, but I need to make a prototype to see if I can create it in a reasonable amount of time. I’ll keep you up to date with any progress. 🙂