F!shing: Now on Desura and Google Play!

F!shing is out!


For the price of a fairly cheap sandwich, you can now get your hands on F!shing, the daft arcade game I’ve been waffling about for these last few months. You can get it for Android on the Google Play store, or for PC on Desura. Or, if you prefer, it’s still available on Itch.io, and will continue to be so.

To celebrate, there’s a new trailer!

The game is finished now: stable as far as I can tell, and it feels complete. Are there things I would like to add to it? Of course! Will there be future updates? Maybe, but it depends on how successful the game is. I’d like to do more testing before I’m happy to release on Mac or Linux, even though it should work. GameStick and Ouya are also possibilities, and I’d love to add local multiplayer… lots of plans, but only if things work out. 🙂

Android app on Google Play