Dev Log 12th of September 2014

Last week I had a nasty bout of depression and got almost nothing done, hooray! Back to normal now though.

A F!shing update is in the works! I noticed a couple of bugs, then thought while I was at it, I’d improve the ‘Game Mode’ system, and it’s grown a fair bit. In the current released version of the game, Game Modes are very fixed – they have some randomness to them, but they play roughly the same each time. The ‘Lake of the Day’ and ‘Random’ options would just pick one of the existing modes to play. Now, I’ve broken the gameplay up into ‘modifiers’ (Fish, Junk, Clams, and Shark) and given each of them a random element. For instance, you might only get one type of fish, or you might get only a few at a time, or there could be dozens at once! This has added more variety to the existing modes. The ‘Lake of the Day’ and ‘Random’ now use a random combination of modes. It’s less predictable, and hopefully more interesting.

Night!I’m also adding some new modifiers to the coming update, and the first one is ‘Night’, which you can see above. Any lake you play has a chance of being set at night, and the limited visibility adds an extra bit of challenge. It’s my first go at using ‘shaders’ – basically, code that runs on the graphics card. It was a bit fiddly to get working, but now I should be able to add other graphical effects in the future.