Dev Log 13th of October 2014

In game development, sometimes things don’t work out. Maybe a game mechanic isn’t fun, maybe an effect looks bad, or maybe you just don’t have the budget and have to cut things. In the case of F!shing, I can’t get disco mode to run smoothly enough on Android – I had hoped that it was only on devices with high-res screens, but it appears to be bad on everything. I’m not comfortable putting a game out there that runs so slowly it’s unplayable. However, I do want to release all of the other improvements and bug fixes I’ve made to the game over the past few weeks. Even without disco mode, it’s a much better game now than it was. So, version 1.4 will be releasing soon but without the ‘night’ and ‘disco’ modes enabled.

If all goes well, I’ll come back to F!shing in a month or so and get disco mode fast enough that I’m happy to release it. Hopefully taking a break from the project will enable me to find a solution when I do return to it. In the mean time, I’ll be experimenting with snõwkit for a week, and then making some improvements to Quick Quote. Busy busy busy!