F!shing 1.4 Released!

The first update to F!shing since release, version 1.4 introduces combo-multipliers, and makes the game more varied by randomising more things. Plus, the game now has a permanent lower price! As always, you can pick the game up from the F!shing website, or the widget below!

A full change-list is available at the bottom of this post, but first, let’s get technical!

The biggest change code-wise is the modifiers system. Previously, game modes were just hard-coded lists of values. For example, the number of sharks to spawn, how much junk, how quickly clams open and shut. This worked fine for a small number of modes, but I started wanting more variety and it was hard to implement in that system. So, I took each part of playing the game (fish, junk, shark, clams) and made each into a self-contained “modifier”. Each modifier can be created using the lake’s seed, and game modes are just a combination of certain modifiers. This frees things up, as now the Lake of the Day can use a different combination each day, rather than being restricted to using modes, and the same goes for random lakes. Going forwards, this makes adding new features easier as I can just write a new modifier and have it appear randomly.

As you probably already read, I planned to add disco and night modifiers with this release, but had to cancel them at the last minute due to performance problems. As such, there’s not as much variety as I’d like, but both of those will be coming in the future.

Full Change Log:

  • Made music selection random, not tied to game modes
  • Replaced fixed game modes with modifiers
  • Made the time-limit randomised
  • Shark no longer catches pearls that aren’t there
  • Shark no longer catches fish that are still appearing
  • Countdown sound pauses correctly
  • More particles!
  • Clams are a little more forgiving
  • Player can no longer catch junk that’s not visible yet
  • Made water appear in front of fish, and wave a little bit
  • Fish and junk spawning changed, so that they stay within a given minimum and maximum count
  • Combo system! Catch fish or pearls in quick succession to get a points multiplier
  • Game-start screen displays icons for the active modifiers
  • Improved support for XBOX 360 controller – can now press ‘back’ to open the menu, and ‘start’ to skip through the tutorial.
  • Added sound effects when catching good/bad things, and for the multiplier ending
  • Added big particle effects when catching good/bad things
  • Improved animations of clams and sharks
  • Added a ‘toggle full-screen’ button to the main menu on desktops