9 Months of Silence

Not long after my last post, I got offered a job answering email! I never would have thought that would suit me, but it’s working out really well, and has done me a lot of good. Hooray for gainful employment! Money-per-hour on that is so much better than I’ve managed with software development, but of course it’s not nearly as fun. It does mean that just about all the goals I listed were immediately thrown out of the window, but it serves me right for trying to be organised.

App 2 continues to be worked on as I find time. Recently I finally started reading The Pragmatic Programmer and it’s given me a much-needed nudge to try some new techniques. Right now I’m in the middle of rewriting all database-access code to use generated code, which I’ve been chipping away at for a month now. Is it the most productive use of my time? Probably not. But it’s a useful thing to know how to do, and it is helping to make many parts of the codebase simpler and more consistent. Plus it’s fun! But then I’m weird and find refactoring code to be very enjoyable. If anyone’s interested, I’ve uploaded the input file and result here. I’m using JavaPoet which makes manipulating code much easier than messing with Strings. I haven’t included the code that actually does the generation but maybe I will when it’s done — I hope to use it again in future apps.

Also, a few weeks ago I entered Ludum Dare 36 with my brother. It was the first time I’ve actually worked on a game with someone else, so that was cool and frustrating in new and exciting ways! The game, Boulderama! is not something I ever would have made on my own, and it’s much more polished than anything I ever produce, so check it out if you like casual/puzzle type games. I would like to apologise in advance for the music though.

I’m also now a moderator for an online game, Growtopia. That’s been an interesting experience too! As a shy person, suddenly becoming some kind of minor celebrity is super weird. Lots of kids get super excited to meet me or talk to me, or sometimes try to confide in me about their problems. It feels like an honour to be involved in it, but it’s also completely exhausting so I tend to hide a lot.

Growtopia simultaneously fills me with ideas for multiplayer games, and how I would structure the code… and also makes me never want to make an online game. There are so many complicated issues that come up, and the pressure of having 500,000 people log in every day, who all want different things from the game, makes it really hard for the 2 developers to please them. I’m also not sure I could ever actually finish a project that big and complicated, but that’s a whole other issue!