My name is Sam (you probably figured that oput already), and I’m a software developer in the UK. Since I was a teenager I’ve played around a lot with computers and programming languages, and have made some apps and games and websites. As of right now, 2018, I’m focused mostly on Android apps.

My first release, Quick Quote, is an app designed to make life easier for small businesses and contractors, by simplifying the calculation of quotes and estimates. My first commercial game is called F!shing, and I have a bunch of other games and prototypes to play on the Games page. Most of those are my entries to various “game jams”, where you are tasked with creating an entire game within a short period of time. That’s another way of saying, they are not very polished or complete! I’d like to expand some of them further, but the games market is incredibly tough to succeed in right now.

I also spent two years, plus a few months working at the email support desk for Growtopia. (Feb 2016 – May 2018) Even though that wasn’t a programming job, I still found being a programmer was useful: A lot of work involved looking up information via a command-line interface, so I set up keyboard shortcuts for all the commonly used commands, and a couple of other things like generating a hint from a full email address. (Once a programmer, always a programmer!)

If you are a nice person who would like to get in contact with me for any reason, feel free to do so here.