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Frankenstein’s Monsters, Inc.

Jam Game!

Frankenstein's Monsters, Inc.

Frankenstein’s Monsters, Inc. is my entry to Ludum Dare 33, the theme of which was ‘You Are the Monster’. It’s a simple management game where as Dr Frankenstein, you turn your monster-creation abilities into a business! Put your monsters to work to expand your production, or sell them for a tidy profit. Of course, the general public are not entirely convinced that digging up the dead, stitching them together, and putting them to work is completely ethical. Some might call it “monstrous”! You’ll have to devote some of your income to PR works such as building orphanages, to calm public outrage before they burn down your establishment.

Mavis Bacon Teaches Typing

Mavis Bacon Teaches Typing

Mavis Bacon Teaches Typing is a quick little typing game starring delicious (if not nutritious) typing tutor Mavis Bacon. Type as many breakfast words as you can before they go off screen, while not getting distracted by the food flying everywhere!




It’s Asteroids, but with cats! Made in a weekend when I realised I hadn’t done a 1GAM game for May. It’s not too bad as an Asteroids clone I think, but mostly it’s really dumb. Makes me laugh anyway!

Snowman Sumo


Snowman Sumo

Snowman Sumo is, well, a sumo-wrestling game about snowmen. Roll around, gathering snow to build yourself up, then smash the other player’s snowman into the water!

This was originally created from scratch in 48 hours for Ludum Dare 31, which had the theme of “Whole game on one screen”.

Update 06/04/2020: Replaced the archaic Unity Web Player build with an HTML5 one. So you can actually play it again! It’s been so long that I’m not sure if the after-LD improvements were included before or not, but it now features up to 3 player local multiplayer, singleplayer against the computer, and a bit more spit and polish. (But the same 8-second loop of a-capella “music”.)