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Dev Log 23rd of September 2014

Depression’s still giving me a bit of a kicking, so things are slow. This is the worst part of depression, I think – being unable to do anything some days, with no tangible reason.

New water effect

Game-wise, the first improvement is to the water, as above. Using more shaders (because shaders are fun) the water sways back and forth. (I called it “wibbly-wobbly” in the code, because I can!) Fish are now drawn behind the ‘water surface’ texture, so finally it doesn’t look like they’re floating on the surface. I tried redrawing the water art with a different technique, and, well, you can see below why I decided not to keep it. 😉 It was actually my second go at having it fade between two images, and it’s just way too distracting and ugly. So, wobbly circles will stay, until I try to replace them again!

Yucky water

In therms of actual gameplay, I’ve done a fair amount of tweaking and balancing to make things more fun, mostly to stop the lake becoming flooded with fish, or emptying entirely. You’ll still get lakes that are busier or quieter than others, but they’ll be consistent within that lake. Maybe that makes sense, maybe it doesn’t, but it’s a good thing, anyway!

The biggest feature I’ve left until last, as I’m still in the middle of implementing it: Combo Multipliers! Catch fish quickly, without catching any junk, and you’ll build-up a points multiplier that can drastically improve your score. Throughout development, I’ve wanted to add more ways to reward skilled play, and this should really help you show your friends who’s best!

I’m still hoping to get Disco Mode in for the next release, though I haven’t really decided what it will involve, except for disco music and ridiculous lighting effects. Maybe that’s enough.