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F!shing Update: Beta 1.1

Now that F!shing is released, I can just sit back and wait for people to come bringing sacks of money to my door, right? No, of course not! Work continues this week, going through my Big List of Things.

First, IndieGeek very kindly did a video, embedded below, looking at the game and giving me a load of suggestions – they’re going on the list too!

Changes in version 1.1:

  • Tilt controls work when upside-down
  • Achievements now work correctly
  • The ‘submit score’ screen looks much less ugly, and works properly now
  • Google avatars in the leaderboards screen on desktops
  • Automatic sign-in when you start the game if you were signed-in before, on desktops
  • Rearranged the main menu to be less confusing (case in point, the Play Games button that confused people is now gone)
  • Added a restart button to the pause menu
  • Smoothing things over a little, with a retry button when you finish a game, and when you return to the menu the ‘play’ options will still be open

The next update should introduce support for playing with a game-controller. I didn’t quite get time for that this week.

If you haven’t already, you can pick the game up from the F!shing website, or directly from itch.io, for only £1.99 while it’s still in beta. If you’ve bought it already, you can download the new files using the same link you got in the email when you purchased it.

F!shing Beta Released!

F!shing is now available to play on itch.io! I’m not done with it yet – I’m calling this a beta release as there are still things I’d like to add and improve, but it’s complete enough for people to start playing and (hopefully) enjoying it!

Head over to the F!shing website now to check it out. If you’re interested in a review copy, send me an email and I’d be glad to help. 🙂

F!shing Website and Trailer Launched

F!shing now has a website, at http://samatkins.co.uk/fishing, and a new trailer, embedded above. The game itself isn’t ready for release yet, but if you would like an email notification when it is released, head to the site and sign-up for the newsletter!

Turns-out that making trailers is hard. I edited it with Lightworks, which is great, but completely new to me. In all, I’ve spent about a week working just on the trailer! Just coming-up with an idea was difficult, hence the weird direction I ended-up taking it. A brilliant article on the subject is here, which helped me out a lot.

I’m about to go away for a week and a half, so though F!shing is close to done, it’ll be a week or two after that at the earliest. However, I should have something to show you before then, from the upcoming Ludum Dare game jam, all going well!

March Update

So, it’s been a while since I posted an update. Somehow, the time flies by!

My main project is still F!shing. It’s come a long way since I last mentioned it, but it’s very true when they say that the last 20% of the work takes 80% of the time! I had hoped for a March release, but now I’m just aiming to get the website and trailer done, and then just release the game when it’s done. I expect that will be April, but it’s hard to tell. Currently I’m working on adding sound and music. After that, the two remaining tasks are the tutorial, and online high scores. Getting so close!

Procedural Death Racing

With F!shing feeling so close for so long, I was getting a bit burned-out. The Procedural Death Jam gave me an opportunity to take a break from it for a week, and it was a lot of fun. I used it as an opportunity to try again at making a “racing roguelike“, my previous attempt being Turn By Turn RacingTBTR didn’t really work, with the controls being too fiddly and unpredictable. This time, I took some inspiration from the board game Formula D and made movement tile-based: each turn, you have a series of available tiles you can move to, based on your current speed and turning ability. If you’re not careful, you might be forced to crash, which damages your car’s abilities and will eventually cause it to explode. You can download it from the PDJ site here. Unfortunately, I didn’t have enough time to add opponents, but I’m pleased with the mechanic, and hope to develop it further when I’m less busy.

Looking to next month, there’s going to be a 10-day gaming festival in my home city of Norwich. I’m pretty excited about it – the Game Expo in October was great, and this promises to be much larger, featuring talks as well as a game jam. It’s not GDC, but it should be a good week and a half.


Some of you might remember the fishing game I made in September last year. I started on an Android port of it in November, but then became really busy improving Quick Quote. With the last planned update released in January, I’ve had time to come back to F!shing again, and things have been progressing well!

The first task was to restructure the code – my first attempt at an Entity-Component system was fairly inefficient, and struggled to run on my old Android 2.3 phone. I’ve replaced it with a system where each Entity has up to 3 components: controller, physics, and graphics. This has made things better organised, and with much better performance. Hurrah!

With that done, I can actually start improving the game! This week, I’ve put in a particle system and worked on the ‘game over’ screen. The art is still place-holder, but things are starting to look how I want them to. Below, I’ve recorded a quick game, though I’m playing on a keyboard so the controls are a bit rigid at the moment. Always many things to work on!

Unfortunately, I’ve stopped participating in #365screenshots, because I was finding it too stressful to try and rush some game development in the evenings. I will try to publish screenshots as often as I can, though.


I blogged too soon! Fish are now flung off the screen when you catch them – see below. 😀