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Idea: Text Adventure to Teach Linux Terminal?

It struck me earlier today, and has done before I think, how similar text adventure games are to a text-based computer terminal. They both take the general form of “COMMAND TARGET”: “look at door”, “use key”, “cd ..”.

Now, the Linux terminal scares a lot of people. And yet, text adventures are less intimidating, even though they’re functionally identical. So… why not have a text adventure game that teaches you terminal commands?

Maybe the story is along the lines of hacking into a server for some purpose. In any case, it might be interesting to try.

Linux Fun!

Given it was a bank holiday weekend, I decided to try reinstalling Linux, having borked it horribly last time, when attempting to install graphics drivers… Yay.

Currently at the stage of installing graphics drivers again… maybe it’ll work, maybe it won’t! Exciting.

I’m running Linux Mint Debian Edition, which needed to update everything immediately after installing, and now has Gnome Shell… which is a bit horrible. Drastically changing a hugely popular desktop system to behave completely differently… perhaps wasn’t the best idea. I reckon they should have branched it to a separate thing, rather than people having to create new projects to keep things the same as they were before.

Aha! It’s installed the drivers now. Time to restart… except Gnome Shell has no clear way to restart. ‘Log out’ didn’t seem correct, so I tried ‘Suspend’ which sounds about right. It seems to rather be some sort of hibernation thing that isn’t working properly, and it’s locked up. (Probably – my silly Revo has no indicator lights, so it’s impossible to tell between extreme business and total idleness. Bah!) Manual override time! (AKA, hold the button until it stops.)

Ah… apparently it’s deaded again. Well, that was that. I’ll get on with attempting to fix things, now.


Hooray! Less than an hour later, and I’ve repaired it!

For future reference: Use sgfxi for installing the correct drivers. It works beautifully!