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Dev Log 23rd of August 2014

So, it’s been a couple of weeks since the last dev log. Firstly, I spent the week after F!shing was released attempting marketing things, and relaxing a bit. I’ve also been playing around with Unity, preparing to work on Mycronation. However! There are two projects that you’ll see before I continue with that.

Firstly, it’s Ludum Dare #30 right now! LD is a regular game jam that takes place over a weekend, where the goal is to make a game from scratch that fits a given theme. The theme this time is “Connected Worlds”, and I decided to make a game about managing a haulage company IN SPAAAAAAAAACE! So far, I have some randomly-generated planets with goods they want to buy or sell. It’s giving me a proper Unity workout too!

Balloon animals are a highly-valued commodity

Then after this weekend, I’ll be working on a business-focussed Android app. Someone suggested it to me a year or two ago, and twice I’ve attempted to develop it and ended-up sidetracked, but this time I will complete it! 😉

I’m thinking of weekly development livestreams for F!shing, as I’ve got a big list of things to add to the game still, and it might help get the game more publicity. They won’t begin until September, but I’m hoping to do them every Friday. If you want to get an email when I start streaming, you can follow me on Twitch.tv.

Dev Log 30th of July 2014

I’m in a bit of a weird situation regarding F!shing. The game is actually done now. The new trailer is done. I’ve submitted it to Desura, and to IndieGameStand. The Google Play stuff is set-up and waiting. I didn’t blog on Friday, because I thought the game would be released fully on Monday, but as you can probably tell, that hasn’t happened. So, why not?

Desura is busy, basically. The earliest they can release F!shing is the 9th of August. If I’d been more organised and asked earlier, I probably could have released it by now, so it’s not entirely their fault. IndieGameStand hasn’t contacted me at all yet, and again, I probably should have submitted the game earlier. I’d really like to release the game everywhere at the same time, so I have to wait for a bit. (Of course, you can still get the game from itch.io right now, if you can’t wait!)

So, let’s talk about my next game, Mycronation. If you’re familiar with the concept of a micronation, then you’ll begin to get the idea. Basically, a micronation is a group of people who declare themselves to be an independent state, but which are not considered to be by the world in general. So, the idea is that you’ll be running your own tiny nation, customising it to your will, keeping your population happy and productive, and engaging in diplomacy, all with the goal of becoming recognised as an independent nation by the UN. Admittedly, this sounds a bit dry, but it won’t be – I’ll be trying to keep it light-hearted, especially with the ways you can earn legitimacy. Host an international sporting event in a sport nobody’s heard of! Make-up a species of endangered animal that only lives on your land! And as many other ways as I can think of.

I’m probably not selling this very well! 😉

In order to see if this game is even feasible, I’m going to make a one-month prototype. Prune the idea back to its core: basic population management, basic industry and trade, limited diplomacy, and a small number of ways to win. I’ll make that available for free, get feedback, and decide on my next move.