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Quick Quote 1.4 Released

Quick Quote version 1.4 has now been submitted to Google Play, and will become available some time over the next 24 hours. Version 1.4 brings a couple of new features, and some general improvements. So, what’s new?

Both Free and Professional now have an About screen, which links to this site and the various open-source libraries used by Quick Quote. This isn’t a big thing, but it’s good to have.

All the forms have been updated to use proper data validation and error messages. What this means is that if you’ve entered something invalid, it will tell you and won’t close until you fix it. Previously, forms would just close, pop an error message up, and just guess as to what the value should be, which was a pretty bad experience. I’m glad to have fixed it. If you’re a dev and curious, this article gives a decent overview of Android form validation, and this StackOverflow answer explains how to stop dialogs closing, because for some strange reason there’s no simple way to do so.

For Quick Quote Professional users, there are two new features about making things easier when there are a lot of quotable items. Firstly, you can now arrange items into categories. There’s a new category management screen, available from the quote item management screen. Items are grouped by category in the ‘add item’ dialog of the calculator, which can make finding things much faster. Search is still available there, and works for both category and item names. The second new feature is you can now import and export quote items and categories to a file, from the menu in the item management screen. Previously, users with more than one device, such as a business with multiple employees using Quick Quote, would have had to enter the quotable items once for each device. Now, they can enter them once, export the file, copy it to another device, and then import them again.

Next, I’m going to be jumping into development of version 1.5. This will be focused on improving the exported quotes, with customer details, quote numbers, notes, and being able to mark them as invoices or receipts or anything you like.

Quick Quote is a time-saving Android app for creating quotes and estimates while on the job. Feel free to try out the free version for as long as you want, with no limitations.

Dev Log 3rd of November 2014

It’s been a couple of weeks, so what have I been up to? In summary, “less than I had intended”. I was house-sitting for family for a couple of weeks in October, and their internet decided to be so unreliable as to be useless. As such, I couldn’t play around with snõwkit like I’d hoped – I’ll find the time to eventually though! I got back on the 24th, so what have I been doing in the week since then?

Back in September, I had an email exchange with a Quick Quote user who mentioned that being able to categorise items would be helpful, and that they were planning on using it on multiple devices. So as soon as I got back, I started work on a Quick Quote update. As of now, categories system is in place and working smoothly. The update should go out before the end of the month, assuming nothing catastrophic happens. As well as categories, there will also be a way to export your quote-items to a file, and then import them, to save having to enter them multiple times. Plus, there are some improvements to how forms handle mistakes or invalid input.

Quick Quote is an Android app, available for free, for creating quotations and estimates from your phone or tablet while out and about. Save quotes for later, and email them to your customers without needing a computer. Upgrade to Quick Quote Professional for more features, including the new categories system and import/export functions mentioned above.

Quick Quote 1.3 Released!

Both Quick Quote Free and Quick Quote Professional have just been updated to version 1.3! There are several improvements that I’ve been putting in over the last couple of weeks.

Both versions:

  • Specify business details, a logo, and legal text to appear on your exported HTML quotes (in the Settings menu).
  • Item quantities can now be any positive number, including fractional parts – eg, 1.5
  • Improved the appearance on phones and Android versions older than 3.0 (Honeycomb).

Quick Quote Professional:

  • Added a search box to the ‘add item’ window, to make finding items easier.
  • Quote items can now be charged per minute or hour, or for an area or volume.
  • Minute and hour types have a new window for easily entering the number of hours and minutes.
  • Area and volume types allow you to enter the dimensions, and have the total calculated automatically.
  • Customise the units that are displayed for each quote item.
  • Saved quotes are organised by date, and have a search box to help you find them easily.

Quick Quote is a time-saving Android app for creating quotes and estimates while on the job. Feel free to try out the free version for as long as you want, with no limitations.

Quick Quote Free now available on Google Play

I’ve just published a new, free version of Quick Quote to Google Play. It’s not showing up quite yet, as it can take a couple of hours for it to filter through the system. But when it does, please go and try it out!

The paid version, which is now called Quick Quote Professional, has not exactly been a resounding commercial success, so far only selling a single copy. I put this down largely to the lack of a free version, to let people try it out. There are a couple of competing apps that do have free versions, and I’m confident that my product is as good, if not better. So now, a free version! There are adverts, and a couple of feature limitations – the gap between the versions will become wider as I release the updates I have planned.

I could have done with releasing this earlier, but I’ve been away for a couple of weeks. During that time, I worked on an Android version of the fishing jam game I made a couple of months ago. There’s a screenshot below. I look forward to finishing that up soon, but so many projects are calling to me at the moment. It’s good to be busy!

Development screenshot of F!shing from a couple of weeks ago. Graphics are placeholder.

I’ll try to keep this site better updated with what I’m doing. I have a tendency to get carried away working on things, and never tell anyone!