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2013 in Review

In 2012, I basically had a breakdown. Stress at work reached a point where one day in April I just couldn’t make myself go. I then bounced around various mental health services and medications, and mostly sat around doing nothing and feeling horrible.

2013, however, is the year I finally got some control back in my life. Not complete control – I still find dealing with people outside of close family members difficult; I doubt I could handle employment; and I’m still on medication. However, I am working self-employed. I’ve seen my first Android project through to release. I’ve not given-up despite it being a failure commercially (though I do have plans for several improvements to it that may help).

I have found I struggle with uncertainty: if I know how the finished product should be, I can stick with it, but when it’s complete, I feel lost. Games are particularly tricky, as you cannot design one in advance and know if it will work. I’ve put a lot of time into two projects in particular this year, DropPix, last mentioned here; and Turn By Turn Racing. Both seemed good in theory, but didn’t work well in practice, and I found it very difficult to pull the plug on them. How could I know whether more polish would fix them?

As I go into 2014, I have several projects in need of completion. There’s a new Android app that’s been in my head since before Quick Quote. F!shing is in need of a structural rewrite to deal with some performance issues, but I’m otherwise pretty confident in it. I began work on a roguelike game in November for the Trial of Oryx contest, and though I missed the deadline, it’s very satisfying to work on, even if it’s not likely to make me rich. I have the beginning of a Goblin Fortress remake lying around too, though its fate has not yet been decided.

So, I’ve got lots to keep busy with. Hopefully in 2014 it will finally pay-off a little!

Quick Quote Professional 1.1: The Discount Update

This past week I’ve been working on adding discounts to the paid version of Quick Quote. You can add an unlimited number of discounts to a quote, and these can be either a fixed amount, or a percentage of the total cost.

Quick Quote is an easy-to-use quotation and estimate calculator for Android phones and tablets. Enjoy the free version for as long as you want, with no limits on how many quotes you can store. The discount feature is only available in the paid-for version.

Quick Quote Free now available on Google Play

I’ve just published a new, free version of Quick Quote to Google Play. It’s not showing up quite yet, as it can take a couple of hours for it to filter through the system. But when it does, please go and try it out!

The paid version, which is now called Quick Quote Professional, has not exactly been a resounding commercial success, so far only selling a single copy. I put this down largely to the lack of a free version, to let people try it out. There are a couple of competing apps that do have free versions, and I’m confident that my product is as good, if not better. So now, a free version! There are adverts, and a couple of feature limitations – the gap between the versions will become wider as I release the updates I have planned.

I could have done with releasing this earlier, but I’ve been away for a couple of weeks. During that time, I worked on an Android version of the fishing jam game I made a couple of months ago. There’s a screenshot below. I look forward to finishing that up soon, but so many projects are calling to me at the moment. It’s good to be busy!

Development screenshot of F!shing from a couple of weeks ago. Graphics are placeholder.

I’ll try to keep this site better updated with what I’m doing. I have a tendency to get carried away working on things, and never tell anyone!

Quick Quote

So, a couple of months ago I was given an idea for an Android app. As I’d not done native Android development before, I started with a small part of it, which involved calculating a quote by entering quantities for various items. At some point, it occurred to me that it made sense as a stand-alone application, and on the 28th of August I officially split it off into a new project, Quick Quote. (Still a work in progress, so there will be some slight differences in appearance in the released version.)


Quick Quote is an Android application that lets you quickly produce quotes, estimtes and invoices, and then save them for later or share them, such as via email. Create quotable items in advance, then when it’s time to calculate a quote, simply choose which items and how many. You can see more screenshots on the Quick Quote page.

Working on an application is very different from a game. In some ways it’s been refreshing – I can make a list of what needs to be done, and know that when that list is complete, so is the app. Games are much less certain, and something you work on for months can turn-out to be no good. There’s also the issue of competition; games all effectively compete with each other, whereas I could not find any other apps that already do what Quick Quote does, which feels more secure. In addition, apps seem to suffer less from the race-to-the-bottom and expectations of being free that mobile games do.

Overall, I’m pleased with what I’ve accomlished, and it’ very satisfying. I’m not fully decided on what I’ll work on next, as that will partly depend on how well this goes. There are a couple of extra features I’m considering adding (but am avoiding doing so until I know it’s worth the time.) As something that took a little over a month, it’s not the end of the world if it doesn’t sell. It’s been a learning experience, at any rate.