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Snowman Sumo re-release!

On a whim, I’ve spent the last week getting Snowman Sumo back into shape and playable again. It’s one of my favourite games I’ve made, so it felt a bit wrong that it’s been impossible to play it since Unity‘s browser plugin stopped working several years ago. Unity definitely is not my strong point, so it’s been interesting learning how it works again. But it’s back, and better than ever!

Unity has changed a lot in the 5 years since I last touched this project, but surprisingly the automatic converter worked beautifully, and all I had to do is tick one box in the editor and it was playable! I did spend longer than that on it though, mostly making the code less terrible. (Game jam code is not good code.) Also a few animations were done entirely in code, and now I’ve replaced them with proper animation assets, which work so much better.

I don’t remember exactly what was in the released game before, because I did modify it after the original game jam but I think I didn’t release those. (I had a sponsorship offer at the time, which I didn’t go through with.) So here’s what’s new compared to the original:

  • Singleplayer mode against the computer (which manages to beat me quite often)
  • Up to 3-player local multiplayer on the same keyboard
  • Games can last several rounds, up to first-to-five-points
  • A win screen when the game ends
  • More animations and polish

So enjoy!

I’d like to try and get F!shing to work again too if I can, but that’s a whole other thing! We’ll see.

Dev Log 28th of February 2015

This past fortnight, I’ve been working on something different again! Specifically, on an update to Snowman Sumo, which I was in the process of selling to a games site until I saw the terms of the contract, which I disagreed with. So, it’s now somewhat in limbo. Compared to the playable version, there are new single-player and three-player modes; you play multiple rounds, with the winner the first snowman to reach a certain score; and I’ve given the UI a complete refresh. Because of the previous interest in the game, I’m intending to put it up for sponsorship on FGL, and see how that goes.

For the sake of 1GAM, I spent a couple of hours this week quickly putting together a memory game. It’s nothing much so far, but I have some plans for it. Nearly 3 years ago when I briefly attempted making 49 games (I made 1. 😉 ) the second was to be this memory game. Now, I’ve never liked it as a game, so inspired a bit by Pongs, I thought-up 39 variations on it to make it more interesting… and then never actually made the thing! I was easily distracted, and arguably still am, but more so back then. I’d still like to make it, so maybe I will now that I’ve made a small start.

Snowman Sumo and Memory are both made in Unity. Unity is pretty amazing, just in terms of how fast it is to develop things, even without much experience using it. The SS update involved learning how the animation and new UI systems work, and they’re great! And with almost no effort, Memory works on Android. I’ve been hesitant so far about making a “full” game using it, but I’m gradually changing my mind… I’ve never been great at making decisions, and on the one hand, Unity is so quick to use; on another, Jonathan Blow’s language talks and Handmade Hero make me want to go low-level and use C++; Haxe and snõwkit offer something in-between, but I’ve never really got them to work; and I’m most familiar with Java but it annoys me. That’s 4 hands, plus another for just using JavaScript if I’m making a web thing. Hmmm!

Edit: Turns out that all I needed to do was update my snõwkit install and it all works, huzzah!