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New Website!

The new WordPress theme I’ve been working on is done, and assuming you’re reading this on the site, you’re looking at it right now!

It’s been due for a lick of paint for a long time, but since I made websites for F!shing and Quick Quote, it’s been looking increasingly shabby. When I started using it in 2013, I told myself it wasn’t complete and that I would continue working on it, but I never did. So now, a refresh, and I’m determined this time not to move on to another project until I am absolutely finished!

For reference, and because I think it’s fun to see the progression, here are some screenshots of the different themes I’ve made and used:

My first theme, from back in 2012. Yuck.
My first theme, from back in 2012. Yuck.
The overly-orange theme I've been using until now.
The overly-orange theme I’ve been using until now.
The new theme in all its glory! ;)
The new theme in all its glory!

Even though I wouldn’t consider myself a designer now, I’ve certainly come a long way. 🙂

The header could probably use some work. I’d like the games page to look different, and there are a lot of games I need to add to it, as I got out of the habit over a year ago now. But overall, I’m happy.

New site, finally!

I’ve had this blog for two years now, so I thought I should probably create my own theme for it. So, here it is!


I’ll continue fiddling with it, but actually I’m pretty pleased with what I’ve got done in a day. Hooray!